The Randys


“The Columbus 5-piece outfit plays an eclectic mix of 50s and 60s-style rock, pop, country, and blue-eyed soul; all performed with style, grace, and dead-on two and three-part harmonies. You’ll have a great time.” 
–Circleville Pumpkin Show

“The Randys play songs you didn’t even know you liked with such conviction that you have no choice but to smile along.” 
–The Columbus Dispatch

“The Randys should have just played the entire festival, they are that delightfully good.” 
–Columbus Monthly

“The Randys is a party band for people who might usually roll their eyes at party bands, nailing obscure and classic covers with a level of musicianship that’s unrivaled in the city.”
–Columbus Alive

“I remember when these guys couldn’t keep a beat. But I saw the potential and began shaping them into what they are today: Magnificence.”  
–Randy Domino, Randys founder