The Randys

Columbus, Ohio

Calendar 2018

Randys News

  •      The Randys turned 20 in early January 2018. Their first gig was the Elvis-a-thon at Little Brothers in 1998. Then a 3 piece billed as “The Freaks of 52 Weeks”, they played three Elvis songs. I was there and recognized their potential. I knew with proper grooming and a really good band name, they’d become one of the *finest bands north of I-70, west of I-71, east of state route 315 and yes, south of N. Broadway.
         Congratulations boys on 20 years of playing music together.


                         – Randy Domino (founder)


    *coordinates likely to change pending several other bands location confirmation, or if you’re just starting up a band, you could probably submit your general location, that would help